The BEST money overlays..

crank up your edits of any project in an instant with the top assets in the industry


5 star rated across multiple platforms as "one of if not the best money overlays for video editing".

"MY FAVORITE overlay pack!! I use it in EVERY music vid I shoot with the Film Pack"

"Hey, when's the next pack dropping?.. These are SO GOOD!"


  • Hand-made with real tools by a real person
  • Easy-to-use drag & drop files in to any software
  • Speed-up workflow while elevating end quality
  • Endless creativity + opportunities to choose & build upon
  • Level up instantly with delivery straight to email asap

upon request from various editors...

we ran the pack through our custom A.I prompts.. & the outputs were amazing!

  • Ai Bloody Money - Genariq

    100 dolla turn down + a.i

  • 100 Dolla Paper Peel - Genariq

    100 dolla peel + a.i

  • Ai Bloody Money - Genariq

    100 dolla building + a.i