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Explosion Transitions Pack

Explosion Transitions Pack

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🧨💣!!EXPLODE your 🔥 edits INSTANTLY!!🧯👨‍🚒

 Experience the electrifying power of our Explosion Transitions Pack with cinematic explosions and dazzling effects. These easy-to-use drag-and-drop overlays will allow you the ability to create a stunning visual impact with a choice between .mov (transparent) or blue-screen files.
Elevate your video edits to new heights of excitement NOW!


Features include:


✓ OVER 30+ creative files to choose from
✓ Pre edited transitions to speed workflow
Instantly receive product in email TODAY
✓ Easily drag & drop files directly into project

✓ Use this asset whenever & wherever!
Mix & match files for easy innovation
✓ High Quality HD Pro Res 4444 files
✓ Store easily in/online cloud or PC
1280 x 720 .mov files for low file size 

✓ + easy use in workflow!

 With you in mind, we've handcrafted, image-sequenced & edited this explosion overlay pack for the past 5 months! 🧠 Allowing you to save hours/days of work, expand your impression on viewers 👁 keeping them engaged and wanting MORE.. 🤝

.MOV (transparent) files sized at 1280x720 to reduce the size of the file while maintaining the highest ProRes quality possible!

.MP4 (bluescreen) files sized at 1920x1080 to retain the FULL HD quality for any up or down scaling an editor may want to perform!

Why bluescreen? We choose to use a blue screen background after extensive testing & finding the easiest color to key without taking away too much of the original files content would be blue! 


When testing with a greenscreen background; depending on the workflow used to key out the color we found that the color green came a bit to close to the similar colors of the explosion. Leaving out some fine details.


BOTH the 'Transparent' & 'Blue Screen' Packs come with the 'Extras' Pack! 🔥

'Transparent' also includes the 'Blue Screen' Pack!


Transparent: 1.41gb

Blue Screen: 361mb

Extras: 200mb


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