💍 Married to the Money 💰

What does it even mean to be married the money?

At what exact moment does one know the money is indeed the one they shall be with until their dying breath.. through sickness and health.

was it moment they noticed the things money could potentially bring to them?






makes complete sense why anyone in their right mind would do whatever it is to attain and retain money.

  While it usually confuses me how one could easily turn their backs against the idea of acquiring an abundance of money as if it is frowned upon. They seem to wittingly know something about it, something only they and those alike could understand. So they get what they can/have to if any and stay away from more, though whether those like it or not we're required to make a living for ourselves. Living in a western society, its hard for many to not want more.

  While I flow along everyday life learning, reading and studying people/things in general. I've come to realize you truly can not completely attain one thing without possibly inheriting the other. 

  People (most) subconsciously put the manifestation of money into the universe, typically without a goal or direction sort. There's no bigger picture or logical steps towards the things we want just a enormous blank canvas. 

  Think out it like this, you're were at the carnival and about to play a game of dunk tank where you through a ball and if you hit the target someone falls into a tank of water. Imagine with your eyes closed the ball being the manifestation of money (or anything applicable) and the target being a set goal you would love to attain. The process of measuring up the power, distance and accuracy of your throw (thoughts) will be the factor of whether or not you hit that goal.

  Without said steps you would be blindly throwing into the only the hopes and probability that you will get the best outcome. That being you hit the goal and get what you wanted. 

  Unfortunately, most of us will not take in the law that the end goal alone will not bring us what we want. While its greatly important to see that goal, more direct thought must be input to understand the power of the in-between steps. The more and focused the steps along with consistent practice and action the smoother the road becomes.

  With only a manifestation of hitting that goal you essentially run the risk of it having it ricochet and in the end becoming a big slap in the face.

Kind of like... marriage? 



hm idk 


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